Before the U.S. Navy, I spent about 1.5 years with the Montana Army National guard as a heavy weapons specialist. (M60 7.62mm Machine gun, 81mm Mortars, 106mm Recoilless Rifle, and M2 50 Caliber Machine Gun).  Six months of training at Ft. Ord California. That experience helped me out when I went to Vietnam with the Navy !!!

I did not go to Navy Boot Camp but went to San Diego for a four week orientation class and picked up my sea bag. I then went to Pensacola Florida for Cryptologic Technician A school for about 7 months before going to San Miguel Philippines. All my time in Vietnam was Temporary Additional or is it Administrative Duty (TAD) which is for less than 180 days at a time. I went TAD 3 times to Vietnam so spent only about four or five months in the Philippines over a two year tour of duty. 

VQ-1 Det Bravo 1967 - 1968

I then went to flight training at Kadena AFB Okinawa for two weeks with Keith Olson and Greg Crites before going to Da Nang.  Basically they put us in a training ejector seat and launched us several times trying to compress our spines then tried to drowned us in a cabin with with full flight gear upside down in a swimming pool !!

I scanned a bunch of slides I found from the CT's that I served with at Da Nang, South Vietnam 1967 - 1968. I was a CTR2 during this tour and would like some help in identification with some of the below CT pictures. If you an help email me at: k7mt at mt dot net . These pictures sure brought back a lot of memories.

I received this photo on 9/11/2014 from Rich Ellis CTR3 that was given to him while  at Det Bravo Danang South Vietnam Oct 1967 to Jan 1968.  He and I cannot identify any of these folks. So,  can anyone who was at Danang help us identify these folks?  Email me at k7mt at mt dot net.  I zoomed in on the second guy from the left's name tag and I can just make out ARDT.  Could that possibly be me Rich ???? OMG was I young !!!! I have the original 2400 by 1600 so if anyone has some magic program out there maybe they can clear up the visible name tags???

Left to right: LCDR L.H. Olmer, CT2 W. F. Erhardt, CT3 S.P. Renken,  CT3 J.P. Judice,  Ltjg R.A. Cavaluchi, Ltjg S.M. Byrnes. Thanks so much to Robert E. Morrision Big Look Spooks Danang for the names. This is great !!!! I received a nice e-mail from Lionel Olmer 9/13/2015 and he sure was happy to see this picture from a long time ago !!!! Nice to hear from you Lionel !!!

A very young Bill Erhardt CTR2 next to PR-10. If some of you might remember - during TET I took a couple cases of booze up to hill 327 and brought back a jeep load of rifles, ammo, hand grenades !!!!! The chief wanted to kill me !!!!!

One of the CTR branchers I worked with and cannot remember his name. If you do know who this is e-mail me to email address at the top of the page.

One very tired CTA brancher and I cannot remember his name !! John and Wayne think this is Willy Ayers an R Brancher !!!

Actually I think this might be Aron Cook a CTA ?

The Bunker !!!!!

Rebuilding after Tet Offensive I believe We took our aircraft to Karat AFB, Thailand and returned two weeks or so later.

While in Thailand we got a day off and took a tour. I think this CTR brancher name is Ed (not sure) who flew on the Willy Victor !! Thanks Roy Gilbert for remembering Ned Hall not Ed !!!!!

Another CT (not sure of rate) on our one day tour in Thailand when we evacuated from Danang to Karat AFB. Possible this is Stan Mcgee !!

Dan Bailey and Bill Erhardt on the beach at Danang. This is the beach named My Khe that was portrayed in the TV series China Beach. I never did see Dana Delany !!!!!

CTI brancher Greg Crites on the right. Greg and I went to flight school at Kadena AFB Okinawa before deployment to Da Nang.  CTA brancher in middle and no idea on the far left. Is this Steve Culpepper ??? Too many years !!!!! Nope, it is not Steve Culpepper but Rich Ellis CTR3 at the time. Rich just e-mailed me today Sept 11, 2014 to correct my poor memory that cannot remember names.. Thanks Rich for the nice e-mail and also the story about returning to the PI the day before Tet !!!! As you know we went to Karat AFB with our aircraft the next day !!!

On patrol up north. The Island in the center is just north of the entrance to Haiphong harbor.

Hill 327  ???

Another CTI brancher I need help with finding a name. Thanks John and Wayne for identifying Marty Cox !!!

CTI brancher I cannot remember. Help with the name !!! Bill Taylor emailed me and believes his last name is "Dibble" but cannot remember his first name. Yep, Tom Weston just informed me it is Chuck Dibble.. Thanks Tom.

CTI brancher I think Greg Crites. We went to flight school together at Kadena AFB, Okinawa !! I got a email today, 2 August, 2012, from BJ Galvin, CTTC (SS), USN (Ret)  and he corrected my poor memory to Greg Crites.  BJ said Greg became a  CWO and retired he thinks as a LCDR.  Greg  then worked for the government for a while before retiring.  If anyone knows Greg have him contact me please.  Thanks  BJ..

George "Allen" Bradley  is another CTI I flew with on PR-10. I received a nice e-mail from Allen and he retired a W-4 and is now a Minister in Texas. He is listed on Senior Chief Joe Glockner's NavSecGru Web page.

CPL Mike Driscoll (on the right) and I flew on the Willy Victor together. The marine to his left I don't know the name.

PR-10 !!

A3D-2Q (EA-3B) 144854
*11/1959: Delivered to the US Navy. 
*1964: VQ-1 as "PR-10". 
*VQ-1 as “PR-15”. 
*1986: VQ-1 as "NH-010". 
*VQ-1 as “NG-010”. 
*6/26/1987: Crashed during night FCLP at NAS Miramar, CA. 3 crewmen were killed. 
Photo of 144854 


PR-10? I think it is another VQ-1 A3D !!

Turning north after take off from Da Nang on PR-10 !!

PR-24 !!

LCDR White (pilot of PR-10) dark glasses, navigator to his left, and I don't know the rest. To the right of Mr. White is an officer I don't remember. I received a very nice e-mail from Arthur Miller today 06/08/2012 that he seen his picture on my page. Arthur is the young man on the right with the headsets.  He was maintenance on the A-3 (PR-10) that I flew in for a year!!  Wonderful to hear from you Arthur!

I just received a nice e-mail (17 June, 2012) from Keith Martin a marine Sargent who flew on PR-10 in 1968. The officer next to Mr. Whites left looking down is probably Lt. Bob Gomez our Navigator.  As Keith pointed out, Lt. Bob Newbegin and occasionally LCDR Jacobs piloted. when we had a second flight that day.  Thanks Keith for the great information and memories. 

Allen to the right and  Keith Olson is in the middle thanks to John Lippke.  Keith, Greg Crites, and I went to flight school at Kadena AFB Okinawa.  Left is an officer but name escapes me. Just received a nice e-mail from Keith Olson and he is doing fine in Colorado. Thanks for the e-mail Keith

Oh the memories !!!!

Before Da Nang South Vietnam,  there was Phu Bai South Vietnam Det Alpha with the Company L 3rd Marine Support Battalion. It was here that I bought a MP-40 (Machine Pistola Veirzig) with 4 32 shot clips from one of the Marines and carried it with me for the next 1 1/2 years while in Vietnam.  This was the time when the M-16 had jamming problems and glad I had this old reliable 9mm parabellum work horse.  

I was also aboard the USS Wainwright  on PIRAZ (Positive Identification Radar Advisory Zone). Click on USS Wainwright above for a link to the vessels history.  We got to visit Hong Kong,  Sasebo Japan, and live missile firing off Okinawa then back to PIRAZ.  I departed the ship when she went to Yankee Station and I went back to Okinawa for flight training then to Da Nang Vietnam.

I received a nice e-mail from JC Carlson who is the historian for the USS Wainwright.  I was aboard the Wainwright for 6 months in 1967. We relieved the USS Long Beach which had the distinction of shooting down two MIG aircraft with her Talos Missiles at maximum range.  JC sent a nice picture of the Wainwright. He also pointed out a mistake of a picture I posted that was actually the USS Long Beach.  I had gone aboard the Long Beach to get a briefing from them before we took over on 8 June, 1967.  I took a picture from the Bow of the Long Beach and labeled it USS Wainwright  ooops !!   

It was quite an experience for a country boy from Montana to be off the coast of North Vietnam many moons ago.  Oh the memories !!!  Thanks JC.

Below is the USS Wainwright..

Below is the USS Long Beach 7 June, 1967 when I went aboard to get a briefing before we took over PIRAZ the next Day.  That big square superstructure was a hallmark of most atomic powered U.S. Naval surface vessels.

After San Miguel with most of my time spent in Vietnam, I went to HFDF C School in Pensacola, Fl., Edzell Scotland, Homestead AFB, Fl. (Temporary Duty on the submarine USS Lapon North Atlantic), Adak Alaska, Masset Queen Charlotte Islands British Columbia Canada, Skaggs Island CA., (GYK-3 computer programmer/system analysis School for six months) Wahiawa Hawaii, and finally Skaggs Island, CA where I retired December 1985. 

I actually left Skaggs Island September 1985 as I had to use up 80 plus days of vacation. So I was still on active duty when I did one semester at Dawson Community College and went to Billings, Mt. to get my retirement Id Etc.  Picture below is me now and my picture on the bottom left off my Navy Id Card taken Dec 1, 1985 in Billings, Mt. Naval Reserve Center. 

I was so much older then I'm younger than that now !!!!


I attended school at Dawson Community College  and the Montana State University.

Worked for the State of Montana to 2000.

Doing communications on Wild Land Fires and fueling Bell 205 Helicopters for DNRC on Initial Attack 2000 to present. At the young age of 67, I owe my longevity to doing fire fighting as it keeps me in good physical shape and is a constant mental challenge ensuring communications on a constantly moving entity.  I figure I will do this job until I am 80 years young!!!!  

It provides me with the funds to go skiing all winter. So my sort of dream retirement is here doing a few wild land fires in the summer to make enough so I can ski all winter. Woo Hoo !!