My assignment to the Isabel Fire near Conconully, Washington in the Wanatchee/Oganogan Forest. Truly a beautiful area in north central Washington State.

Assignment to Isabel Fire in Conconully, Washington. Great fall weather with good humities so this one will be wrapped up in about four days from now. I just found out that I will be re-assigned to the Needles Fire here in Washington State once we finish Isabel.  Look for pictures from Needles fire this weekend.

Just a great fall day in northern central Washington State.

Communications trailer with the gang enjoying a very nice day.

Dennis our COML (worked with Dennis on the Biscuit Fire last fall in Oregon) and Laurie to the right our INCM.

Our two Rado's Dan on the left and Jon in the middle.

Dennis had to leave and our new COML Jeff on the left. Great folks to work with.

A view of the fire from 3HJ (Bell 205 or Huey) as we went up to Coxit Peak to take down the second command repeater. The main command repeater is on Tiffiny Peak in the center and I will take that one down on Saturday.

6HJ a Bell 205 or better known as a Huey after we landed on Coxit Peak to take down the repeater.

The pilot Ed (6HJ) on the left is from near Christ Church New Zealand, me in the middle, and Adrian from Helena, Montana on the right. Adrian and I were in the same S-281 class in Helena. Was nice to see her again.

Looking down from Funk Mountain where the Aircraft Link is located to the the Incident Command Post or ICP and the quaint little town of Conconully, Washington.

One of RADO trainee's Jon went for a ride up to Funk Mountain with me to change the batteries on the Aircraft Link. Jon wanted a picture below the lookout tower on the peak to post on the web. Good shot Jon !!!!!!


After dropping off the repeaters from Goat Peak, we flew to Tiffiny Mountain (8,275 Feet) to retrieve the Isabel Fire repeater. This is how is looked as we flew around the repeater to clear off the landing spot. Look at the Ice build up on the ropes and poles !!!!!

Landing spot is cleared off and we landed just to the left of the repeater picture above. Not much room to put 13N a Bell 206 L3 helicopter, but Charlie the pilot did a perfect landing at 8,275 Feet in the snow.


Someone finally got my picture doing some work taking down the antennas !!!!

Last look at Tiffiny Peak after lifting off from Salmon Helicopter base in the valley below. We headed back to the Needle fire with all equipment taken down safely.  Will be heading home tomorrow.